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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

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Apr 18

I believe this because I am a silly.

I don’t think there’s any legitimate reason to be angry at someone. I think morals and values are subjective, and people have conflicting ones all of the time. Anger is a result of a lack of understanding of something that’s happening, or something that happens that directly contradicts something you think to be a moral given or important to you that someone else isn’t doing. But ultimately, people’s choices determine what they believe in, and people always have a reason that they think is a good one, no matter how wrong they actually are. I think a more conducive thing, as opposed to being angry at someone who you think is doing something wrong, is to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing and why they think it’s right or acceptable, and convince them otherwise from there. because either your standards of something or someone make sense and you can reasonably expect someone else to understand what you believe in and have as valuable, or your standards are too high or impossible and you need to reevaluate the way you react to the way people live their lives.

tl;dr Anger stems from ignorance, and I believe I (and people who are able to) should know better.

Apr 17

I’m just so tired.

But I just have to remember.

Apr 15

Give Credit Where Credit is Due.

Apr 12

"Existence is pain to a Meeseeks."

You Can Do This.

You can do this.

Apr 11

10 hours later, I believe I have performed a self-swerve.

Which can and will be explained, provided I can remove the embarrassment of having to do it in the first place. 
This post will serve to remind myself that while it may be very, very difficult to do, choosing to change is possible, provided I know that I should and legitimately want to. 
We’ll see how this goes. 

Apr 10


Apr 7


That dream was wild

if you have a dream where you see someone

and they reveal themselves to be a tumblr user

does it count as having a dream about them?????


Wait, hold on

I feel like I’m actually accessing something, here

and wow, does that feel lovely.

Apr 6

I’m talking to an unusual number of blogs today.

And the most interesting thing that’s been happening is that not insulting someone and asking legitimate questions to points and stuff, like you’re having an actual conversation or discussion about a complicated issue, forces people who actually think about whatever the problem is to legitimately word out really complex arguments that have a lot of grey areas in our understanding of morals, priorities, and the world.

It’s almost as if this shit’s hard and it’s not as cut and dry as “who’s side are you on? Theirs? I hate you”

Apr 5

To be honest, I feel kinda bad.

Like, I was putting pressure and expectations on someone who didn’t ask for it despite feeling like I could, and it was someone else’s fault for not being totally perfect in fulfilling the fantasies that I had of them at the time, immediately while knowing actually nothing about what was really going on on the other side

no, reflectively, it was all me, but maybe just removing myself from the situation made me feel better faster as opposed to running around acting like I did a big wrong, because while it was actually kind of roller-coaster-y for me to them it was probably kind of like a minor annoyance at worst, because i highly doubt that despite it being possible, this will be read at all by the person involved and you know what, this could be about a lot of people to a greater or lesser extent


I think that says something about me.


Maybe I should attempt to reevaluate the way I interact with people based on how much they want to give and how much they’re really giving without me having to prod them all of the time

I don’t know, establishing comfortable balance is hard, almost impossible over a long period of time, and it just feels like I’m too much or too little all the time, and it usually feels like both ._. 



I just feel like my actual understanding of situations should really be tied to my emotions as opposed to my dreams not matching reality being tied to my emotions, because the latter is much more dangerous and honestly self-destructive. I should figure out what’s happening and actually react, not bias myself one way or the other.

Maybe I’ll try again, soon.

Maybe after this post is off the first page.

Apr 3

(Attempt at) self-analyzation

Because if things weren’t complicated, it would be as easy as just doing what needs to be done at the time that it needs to be done without any hassle or effort at all

the reason it remains to be not that simple for me is because of………..it’s a combination of things, most if not all irrational

it’s a feeling of an unwillingness to contribute to a system that requires that i fit it with my ideas and things that i value, and tells me to value certain things or words or concepts over others at pain of not being listened to by the academic world as a whole

but that’s mixed with a general fear of trying my best while still being ignored and not having any value in my ideas while I’m making a legitimate effort to fit into the supposed mold

which would supposedly be a commentary on my ability to perceive and fit through these molds, which i don’t value very highly but still expect myself to be capable of doing, if not for the sole reason that other people do it all the time 

it’s frankly pretty arrogant of me, underestimating the whole thing while still overestimating the process and effort of going into it and just being upset about it in general

it’s so stupid

so to solve it, I should look back at this post and tell myself that the time spent ceaselessly being anxious about the process can be salvaged and used for other means by simply achieving the task at hand using legitimate focus

legitimate focus of course, coming from choose, so the force of choice would be my means to an end


but effective (i hope)

Apr 2

I should be more careful.

Like, genuinely. In perhaps a lot of things.

I”m not sure if it’s because I just woke up, but reverse analyzing myself, I can see a trend. It’s not deliberate at all, it’s subconscious, and that’s perhaps the most bothersome part.

Let’s try to really fulfill our own promises, shall we? :x

Apr 1

That thing I reminded myself to talk about.

That will be the significant thing that happened today. 

And maybe, just maybe, even if it looks like i’m searching too deeply or whatever it may be, i should have more candid conversations about how people actually feel about me as opposed to worrying only about how i feel about them. And it occurs to me, I’ve been doing that a lot lately, over-worrying, even, and perhaps I should make a better effort to more directly accomodate as opposed to fretting and holding back.

Life is too fast and too scary to be holding back who I actually am. 

Mar 31

Living is hard.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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