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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

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Sep 1

This is one of those rare times.

Where being what I’ve decided to be is going to be more difficult than being what’s natural. 

Aug 28

Aug 24



Aug 23

Anonymous said: I know you already posted your reply to my anon, but yeah. These radical feminists who do not consider transwomen to be women are using this as an excuse to attack Cox. They did not care about the death of Ebony Williams until it was convenient for them.

In any situation where someone is universally beloved, there is a group of people waiting for a good reason or excuse to bring them down. This does not surprise me. 

When I was first confronted with the issue, groups seemed overwhelmingly in favor of just ditching Laverne Cox because of this, and the logic didn’t make sense to me. The idea that someone who’s committed heinous crimes is no longer a human being and doesn’t deserve respect and basic care is something that rubs me the wrong way.

Hopefully, this issue doesn’t drag on.

Aug 22

Anonymous said: SYNTHIA-CHINA BLAST DID NOT MURDER EBONY NICOLE WILLIAMS. She had no role in the murder whatsoever - she was called upon to clean up the scene, and could have faced serious repercussions had she not done it. She was in a gang, and faced the murder of herself and her family if she did not dispose of the body. Do some research, PLEASE. Don't let people mess with Laverne like this.

I personally don’t know enough about the issue to promote what this person is saying, nor do I think I have the emotional energy to look into it.

I made my post about withdrawing support from people who treat other people (regardless of their crimes) as human beings, and how I disagreed with that. If Synthia is not actually a murderer/rapist, all the better. 

In any case, if that’s true, that makes this issue all the more disconcerting. Hopefully, the truth will win out in the end.

This whole Laverne Cox thing is making me really sad.

And no, not because she fell from her high horse by doing a terrible thing like supporting a child raping murderer. 

I don’t believe the inherent value of a human being goes down after they do a horrible thing. That person may be terrible person, but they’re still a person, and that means they deserve to be treated like a human being. If they’re in a prison, they have the right to have safe ones, ones that are as good as any other prison cell. (Not that I’m sure I really believe in prisons, but that’s another story) 

I don’t like the idea that once a person crosses a certain threshold, they shouldn’t be treated like a human being (such as a using the correct pronouns).

And if you disagree with that, well, fight me.

so my lover watched that Anaconda video today

and upon finishing, immediately asked me to eat her out

which led to some of the best sex either of us have ever had.

Thanks, Nicki Minaj! 

“It strikes me that what is really important about violence is that it is perhaps the only form of human action that holds out even in the possibility of having social effects without being communicative. To be more precise: violence may well be the only form of human action by which it is possible to have relatively predictable effects on the actions of a person about whom you understand nothing. Pretty much any other way one might try to influence another’s actions, one at least has to have some idea who they think they are, who they think you are, what they might want out of the situation, and what their aversions and proclivities are. Hit them over the head hard enough and all of this becomes irrelevant. It is true that the effects one can have by disabling or killing someone are very limited, but they are real enough—and critically, it is possible to know in advance exactly what they will be. Any alternative form of action cannot, without some sort of appeal to shared meanings or understandings, have any predictable effects at all. What’s more, while attempts to influence others by the threat of violence do require some level of shared understanding, these can be pretty minimal. Most human relations—particularly ongoing ones, whether between longstanding friends or longstanding enemies—are extremely complicated, dense with experience and meaning. Maintaining them requires a constant and often subtle work of interpretation, of endlessly imagining others’ points of view. Threatening others with physical harm allows the possibility of cutting through all this. It makes possible relations of a far more schematic kind (i.e., “cross this line and I will shoot you”). This is of course why violence is so often the preferred weapon of the stupid.”

David Graeber, Dead Zones of the Imagination

this is why the first reaction of your tabletop rpg group is to use violence

(via antoine-roquentin)

Reblogging because I was not aware of this.

Aug 21

This, admittedly, is not how I expected that plot line to end.

And I’m not sure how much it matters. It can go well, it could go badly, it could change things, it could not. It all depends.

Regardless, this is one of those little times in life where I feel complete, genuine surprise. And, to be honest, I wonder if that’s a little insulting.


Probably just blind of me. But, now that that has closed itself, I see it for what it is, and feel much better about it.

Aug 18




"Appeal to emotion by typing in caps and must use the word ‘racism’ in some way"

This is the recipe to a successful tumblr post

Genuine question: Are you aware of the context of this post? 

If not, please do a little research.

If so, why are you not worried in the long term?

Aug 13

Anonymous said: What do you feel bad about?

I picked up on a relationship thing later than I’m comfortable with.

Aug 10


I still feel bad.

Aug 6

He’s right.

This apartment is cold.

I feel like…

I should be more careful.

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